Natures Cup

Compostable Coffee Cups - made in the UK


Stop using single-use plastic lined disposable takeaway cups by using our biodegradable and compostable coffee cups (which can also be used for tea, chai, hot chocolate etc !)…

Manufactured in our own production facility in the heart of Hampshire – just a short distance from both London, the Midlands and the South Coast resulting in the whole carbon footprint of Natures Cup being greatly reduced even when compared to other similar compostable cups on the market, many of which are imported from overseas, but even when compared to any compostable coffee cups manufactured north of the Watford Gap !

Our Natures Cup is the environmentally friendly compostable coffee cup alternative to those old fashioned plastic lined disposable cups.

Natures Cup are lined with a plant based coating rather than the old fashioned disposable cups which have a polyethylene (“plastic”) coating which is an oil-based product which as we all know is harmful to our environment and can make recycling (if they even get to a recycling center) more difficult.

Natures Cup are
certified compostable (to EN13432) which means they will fully compost in an industrial composting facility, however, one of our regular customers who runs a pop-up coffee service with a sustainable focus encourages his customers to return the cups to his stand after the event (they have a special bin for them) and then he simply tips them onto his own compost heap at home – 1 year later when the compost is needed for the vegetable patch there is no visible sign of the Natures Cup compostable coffee cups at all!

The paper used in the manufacture of Natures Cup is sourced from sustainably managed forestry and is FSC or PEFC accredited.

Lastly, and by no means least, the inks and glues used in the cups are water based and are also compostable and biodegradable… not sure if that’s true of all cups on the market ?

We have
Natures Cup available to order off the shelf, or we can produce cups with your own design within a few weeks from sign-off, single colour or full colour, with a minimum order of just 30 boxes !

• These cups do not create micro-plastics

• They are Biodegradable & Compostable

• They are FSC approved

• You can have your own design on these cups

• The inks and glues are water based

• We manufacture the cups right here in our own facility



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